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a lost article of “Saki”

I found what I believe is the most “me”-cover I have ever seen and so I consequently had to buy this novel.

Feast your eyes upon this:

It has a book, tea, pancakes, a deer, plants, flowers, sugar… all the things I love. As usual I don’t know what it is about, but with a beautiful cover and an interesting title, you know as well as I do that I am compelled to get it (*hoarding intensifies*)

I love the simplicity of the book underneath the cover, nothing fancy but yet beautiful. Also that they decided to put the title in English!

Maybe I should rename my blog to “Me gushing about beautiful Japanese books that I find”

Upon closer inspection I realize that it is not a full length novel but actually a short story collection. I find myself a bit disappointed but that is life. The cover is still beautiful and I am hopeful that all the stories will delight me, especially the title story 「サキの忘れ物」

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  1. I was just looking at this exact book on Bootmeter and thinking about how pretty it looks! I too was disappointed when I say that it was a collection of stories. I prefer novels. There are so many good looking book covers in Japan.

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    1. You don’t say! Seems it was released in June so it’s pretty recent, hence why it was out I guess. Even if I had read that it was a collection before buying it I still would have gotten it I think. While I do prefer full-length novels, short stories are a nice way to get into new authors. Even Norwegian Wood was a short story once, so maybe we’ll get a full novel of Saki’s lost stuff too. I started reading it right after posting and I am enjoying it so far!


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