A Saturday in September

I had a lovely day today.

The weather forecast had said a lot of rain so I decided to use my new rain poncho, with this beautiful pattern of magnolias and I loved it! No need to carry around and hold an umbrella, and by keeping my bags underneath the poncho they didn’t get wet at all. Such a brilliant spur-of-the-moment buy from the Moomin park earlier this year. It reminded me of the Norwegian saying:

There is no bad weather, only bad clothing

It rhymes in Norwegian so it sounds better (Det fins ikke dårlig vær, bare dårlige klær)

I went to a starbucks and while I know it is so very unoriginal, it is one of the places I feel comfortable with, and where I don’t have to grapple with my anxious self. I had a chai latte and a chocolate chip scone while I continued reading Jane Eyre. How many times have I read this now? Luckily for me, I’ve kept lists of my reading for more than ten years now so I can pinpoint exactly how many times, but only if I check my book. Unless I write things down I cannot trust my memory. Let’s see, this will be the sixth time it seems.

After finishing my little break time I ventured on and did some shopping at muji before going to the main event; kinokuniya. I browsed for a bit, with nothing catching my eye before I saw the cutest book cover I have seen in a long time. The drawing style was amazing and it had all the things I love, like books, tea, plants, etc. The title sounded interesting as well so I picked it up. I wanted to go to the cafe next door to the bookstore and start reading right away but as it was Saturday, it was completely full so I gave up and went home instead, all while keeping my new book dry underneath my rain poncho.

Things I am loving lately:

  • Cat-shaped bread
  • Hirai Dai’s new singles
  • White leather
  • This picture of Darjeeling:
My Norwegian forest cat with the Norwegian chocolate my grandma kindly sent me from home

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