Golden vacation reading

In Norway, easter break is closely associated with skiing, kvikk lunsj, and reading (mostly crime novels). As I live in Japan, I have no easter break, but we do have «Golden Week» at the end of April/start of May which gives us about a week of vacation. While I did have a lot of driving lessons scheduled for this week, I had just gotten out of a bit of a reading slump right before vacation and so I got a lot of reading done as well (no crime novels though, not my cup of tea).

ののはなの通信 (Letters between Nono and Hana) was the book that got me out of the reading slump, I spent every free minute reading this and haven’t finished a Japanese book of this size as fast as I did with this ever.

I loved seeing their exchange over a span of about 30 years; letters, notes in class, postcards, and then later; email. It starts around in 1984, and it was so funny to me when one of them wrote in a letter :


«I wish there was a faster way of communicating! Where one could write to one each other instantly. I hope someone invents that»

After finishing ののはな通信 I needed a little break from Japanese, and so I picked up a new (to me) book by Xiaolu Guo «A lover’s discourse» in English. It was similar to one of her other works «A Concise Chinese-English Dictionary for Lovers» which I love. Works by Roland Barthes and Marguerite Duras were discussed within the novel, so I have ordered the book by Barthes (no ebook sadly) and read the book by Duras right after finishing Guo’s book.

I read Duras’ «The Lover» (as there was an ebook), and it wasn’t quite what I had expected, not sure what I had expected to be honest, but an enjoyable read nonetheless.

Last of my GW reading was «The Song of Achilles» by Madeline Miller, that I started sometime last year and found at 16% read. The only image I have of Achilles was that from the movie «Troy» with Brad Pitt, so it was quite an experience to read this as it’s very different from that movie. I have now enjoyed both this book and her boon «Circe» previously so will be keeping an eye out for anything new from her.

Now for my TBR/started but didn’t finish as I got into a reading slump list:

The book by Barthes that I have ordered, 月曜日の抹茶カフェ which is the sequel to 木曜日にはココアを, and 猫のお告げは樹の下で both by Michiko Aoyama, はつ恋 by Yuka Murayama because I can’t resist covers with cats and so I picked it up during GW, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and rereading Murakami’s 1Q84. I have also started Cloud Atlas but only a few pages in and it hasn’t gripped me yet so might take a while to finish (or just never finish)

What is everyone reading lately?

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